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The Benefits of a Waterbed

Waterbeds are proven to help you sleep; they reduce back problems, help asthma sufferers and have many benefits that are good for your health.
Approximately 700,0000 Britains are out of work each day because of back pain. It affects all adults and can lead to very serious problems. A waterbed can aid in the treatment of backache by enabling the backache sufferer to sleep in a more comfortable and beneficial position. A unique distribution of support for the body assures that all parts of the body are evenly supported, and that the body weight is equally distributed. A waterbed removes pressure from the spine and allows relaxation of the spinal musculature. Doctors have found that the addition of heat speeds up the relaxation process and increases circulation to rejuvenate problem areas.
Conventional Mattress Back aches Waterbed gives total back support

Arthritis is one of the oldest diseases known to man. It can and does occur at all ages from infancy to late adulthood. If you live long enough, you will develop some form of arthritis. Medical studies show that 97% of individuals over 50 have some arthritic condition that will show up on all x-ray films. Most doctors classify arthritis as the nation's number one crippling disease. Medical studies have shown that the principle of waterbeds - equal distribution of body weight in a controlled volume of water - will benefit most arthritis. The even distribution of the patient's weight will reduce pressure on the major joints that are inflamed or affected by different forms of arthritis.

Heat from waterbeds will aid in proper blood circulation thus enhancing the healing process and reducing pain. Most arthritis suffer the most in early mornings due to several factors: improper sleep supports, immobility and the shutdown of hormones which usually reduce inflammation.

Between the ages of 20 and 60 you are likely to spend more than 15 full years in bed. In a 50 year span, you can be expected to fall asleep almost twenty thousand separate times. Approximately 30% of a normal population sample will have some form of sleep disturbances; trouble falling asleep, waking up during the night or early awakening. Despite all the natural laws of sleep, many people find it difficult to get to sleep or stay asleep. The steady shift away from manual labour removed much of the natural muscle fatigue that induces sleep. While sleeping on water, many patients showed improvements in ease of falling asleep, stabilizing the sleep onset, increasing the total sleep time and reduced night awakenings.

When a person is confined to a bed or wheelchair for a long period of time, extra pressure is exerted on certain parts of the body. Many different afflictions can affect the aged, and if bedridden, using a waterbed rather than a conventional mattress can help greatly to increase comfort. Whatever the reason you're considering sleeping on water, we're sure you'll love the comfort.  Normally a person shifts his position often enough to relieve these pressure points and maintain proper blood flow. However, people that are confined to a bed or wheelchair due to chronic illness have constant pressure exerted at these points, causing ulcers. Through the use of a water mattress, a person can prevent the formation of decubitus ulcers. Patients who have already formed ulcers can expect more rapid healing when switched to a water mattress. This healing may be up to three times faster than without the use of a water surface.

Allergy Sufferers
For allergy sufferers, a vinyl waterbed bag, properly cared for, is a more sanitary sleeping surface, reducing considerably the population of dust mites found on and in regular mattresses; remember the vinyl mattress is a non-porous membrane unlike conventional sprung mattresses which harbour dead skin cells and dust mites that aggravate conditions like asthma and other respiratory disorders; with a regular cleaning program, about once a month wipe down the vinyl surface of a waterbed bag with your vinyl cleaner when the bedding is changed this helps prevent build up of foreign bodies and also looks after the vinyl mattress.

Who Can Benefit ?
The principles of flotation have been documented to be especially helpful with the following conditions: Premature infants and newborns, orthopedic problems, paralysis, severe burns, trauma, auto accidents, plastic surgery, general surgery, cardiac rehabilitation, Cystic Fibrosis, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis and wheelchair patients. Waterbeds have become an essential therapeutic fixture in benefiting many patients with different medical problems. Plus a good nights sleeps benefits everyone and the best nights sleeps are on a waterbed.

Sleep Facts
A normal healthy sleeper moves 40 to 60 times a night. Research has proven while sleeping on water there are less pressure points on the body, resulting in less tossing and turning.
Men and women sleep differently. She's more likely to be disturbed by noises than he is. He's the deep sleeper of the two. She tends to dream in technicolor; his dreams are less vivid. She's more inclined to have nightmares, but he's more likely to be plagued by dreams or guilt and failure.
Tuna, milk, cottage cheese, baked beans, turkey and eggs make good food for late night snacks because they contain the amino acid, tryptophn, called "nature's sleeping pill."
Everyone dreams several times a night during REM (rapid eye movement) states, which occur four or five times a night.
A cup of coffee after dinner can keep you wide-eyed for up to six hours.
Exercise can help you sleep better if you work out in the late afternoon.
The most common sleep problem is daytime drowsiness.
Teenagers need the most sleep; athletes need quality more than quantity sleep; older people's sleep needs diminish over time.
"Night owls," who feel most energetic late in the evening and can barely get out of bed in the morning, have body temperatures that peak later in the day than other people's do. They take longer to warm up and feel wide awake-a basic biological difference from "morning" people, whose temperatures rise early in the day.
The holder of the record for most beds is Louis XIV of France, 413.
The ideal room temperature for a good night's sleep is the mid-60 degrees.
Somnus was the Roman god. A somnabulist is a sleepwalker and a somniloquist is a sleep talker.
Sleep research indicates that short sleepers - those who sleep less than the average seven to eight hours a night- tend to be more extroverted, efficient, ambitious and self- confident.
You need less sleep on water.

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