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Waterbed Accessories

Waterbed Conditioner Waterbed Conditioner

Twelve months' waterbed conditioner formulated for lasting protection against algae growth and odours. 12 Month conditioner is now preferred by all the leading European fibre mattress manufacturers. Unless you have a 'tube' mattress don't be tempted to use cheap water conditioner tablets they are not recommended and can damage fibre.

Just add the conditioner to your waterbed mattress once a year and the conditioners' special properties look after the rest.


Vinyl Cleaner

Cleans and conditions the outside of your waterbed mattress. It keeps your mattress supple and prevents the vinyl drying, cracking and oxidating.

Vinyl Cleaner
Air Extractor Air Extractor

Screw on the waterbed air extractor at the mattress valve and begin pumping. The air is then sucked out of your mattress, allowing a perfect nights' sleep. Easy to use with any waterbed mattress.

Repair Kit

Repair kit, comes with a tube of vinyl glue and a vinyl patch. The kit is suitable for repairing pin prick holes in a waterbed mattress.

Repair Kit
Maintenance Pack Maintenance Pack

Includes waterbed conditioner, vinyl cleaner, air extractor, and repair kit, (all as shown above). Plus a hose connector suitable for connecting a standard garden hose to your mattress to self-fill.


Fitted Sheets and Pillow Cases

A selection of sheets and pillow cases for most sizes and makes of Waterbed. You can buy a sheet to match most bedroom colour schemes. A few of the colours are shown on the right.


Sheet Colours
Water Pillow

The Mediflow waterbase pillow provides better quality sleep and relief from neck pain and headache for more than a million people world wide.

Simply fill up the inner water pouch from a tap, pop on a pillow case, (standard UK size), and place on your bed.

Heater and Thermostat

The advanced heater and thermostat is a state-of -the-art product. The 240 Volt, 350 Watt heater pad is ultra thin and conforms to all British safety laws and regulations.

Mattresses, Safety Liners, Comfitectors

Both George Street Waterbeds Ltd and Swansea Waterbeds can supply new waterbed mattresses, safety liners and comfitectors for all makes of waterbed. In fact, if it goes on or in a waterbed, they can probably supply it, so please call if you want it and can't see it on their web sites.



Order direct on-line or by telephone

You can order the accessories above either via the telephone or directly from our on-line shops.

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